Lund University

ISBS 2015 21-24 of June, Lund, Sweden

Towards Novel Blood Transfusion Therapies

Transfusion of red blood cells (RBC) is a key life-saving medical intervention. The demands on blood supply are enormous and increasing, however, the number of blood donors is not matching these demands. In addition, blood has short storage ability, requirement to be stored under cold conditions, exhibits antigenicity and has a susceptibility to viral contamination. Therefore, there is a large need for a safe, long-lasting complement for blood when blood is not available or suitable. The latest developments of such blood therapy as well as some of the technical challenges and biological side-effects will be addressed during this conference. 

This conference is the 15th International Symposium on Blood Substitutes and Oxygen Therapeutics (ISBS2015) based on interdisciplinary research of stem cell therapy, blood substitutes, the safety of clinical transfusion and the development of ischemic diseases treatment. It will bring together world-leading scientists in an effort to discuss the latest research highlights from different research areas in the field of transfusion medicine. In addition, researchers will get the opportunity to build international collaborations with other world-leading scientists, which will benefit research related to red blood cell and hemoglobin biology.